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​Why You Should Purchase High-Quality Safety Stickers In The First Place

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Many of the images that we use here at WasteStickers.com are pretty universal. Take the recycling symbol, for instance: it isn’t copyrighted, and anyone can use it. In fact, anyone with a printer and a sheet of stickers from Staples or Office Depot could print one off.

Of course, that sticker isn’t going to last for long. In fact, it might not last much longer than a few weeks, especially if it’s outdoors. The same can be said for some of the lower-quality “professional” sticker printers out there (and believe us, we keep an eye on them). Lower-quality printing plus lower quality stickers mean that you’ll be replacing your caution stickers and decals sooner than you’d like, which can lead to a host of problems. Let’s take a look at why you should go with high-quality stickers in the first place.


One of the most important reasons you should seek out high-quality warning stickers is because of safety concerns. If you have dangerous equipment around (and most of you reading this do), it’s imperative that the stickers are in the right place. If the tack has caused the sticker to fall to the floor and get pushed under the machine, anyone using a bailer or lift for the first time could be in a dangerous situation. The same could happen if the warning sticker has been scrapped off because it wasn’t high-quality enough in the first place. That could lead to an injured employee and put your company in considerable legal trouble, all because of a cheap caution decal.

That same employee could be kept safe with a sticker that adhered properly and stood up to the rigors of the machine. High-quality stickers can equal safer employees.

The Costs Are Comparable

You might go to a less-reputable warning sticker retailer and find a lower quality sticker for $.79. And you look at us and find out that it’s $.89. Considering your employee’s safety is at stake, is the price difference really any difference at all, even if you’re buying a thousand of the same sticker?

Most every sticker we have here at WasteStickers.com is under a dollar. Some a bit more, others considerably less. But considering how much longer a high-quality sticker lasts, they’re always worth it. Plus they’ll save you time in the long run, which brings us to...

You Don’t Want To Deal With Replacement

Look, we’re glad you’re here. We hope you spend hours looking around our site and finding stickers that can make every part of your business safer.

But we know the truth. More than likely you’re here because you have a single sticker you need, or multiples of the same sticker. You’re busy enough, and you don’t want to have to come back to our site any more often than you need to. If your stickers are of high quality, you might only have to come back every five years instead of every year. That saves you time not only on the web but also means you don’t have to go around to every machine and vehicle to replace them. (This is especially true with trucks that you might only see every once in awhile because they’re always on the road or are at different locations.) You’ll save so much time and frustration just ordering the highest quality stickers available in the first place.

When you’re looking for caution stickers and warning decals, it’s best to buy from a company who knows the science behind what it takes to make a proper sticker. That’s 3M and WasteStickers.com. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us; if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find it!

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