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Welcome to, your waste and recycling sticker superstore! was launched in 2009 to provide a single location for waste, warning, recycling, and customized caution decals of all kinds. In addition to our unmatched selection of useful and informative decals, we are dedicated to creating a beneficial and rewarding shopping experience for all our customers. Your feedback is crucial to our continued success, and we want to hear from you regarding what types of custom decals you’d like to see us add to our inventory. is powered by D-Lux Screen Printing.  D-Lux has been in the screen printing business since 1972, and will soon be celebrating its 40th year in business.  Professional service and superior quality have been hallmarks of D-Lux printed products for a generation, and they continue to strive toward innovation and service in the screen printing industry.

Each and every one of our products gets a screen printed UV clear coat for superior protection against sunlight. We ship all of our products the same day, and we guarantee all of our products 100% - if you don’t like it, simply send it back for a full refund.

Why Waste Labels?

There are many more uses for waste management stickers than you may assume. Sure, everyone associates waste labels with the neighborhood garbage truck that conveniently comes and hauls away the trash every week, and we’ve all seen the recycle stickers over the plastic and aluminum bins in front of the grocery store, but many other types of companies and services can put these products to use as well. Unless your business contracts a private trash disposal or cleaning crew, you may need waste labels more than you think.


Today it seems as though anyone can sue a business for nearly anything, no matter how absurd or flimsy the reason for the lawsuit. While it may be obvious that children should know not to play in or around a waste container, for whatever reason, it happens. Applying caution decals to your waste disposal hardware that clearly orders forbids playing in or around the area will protect you from a potential lawsuit in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Many other types of caution decals can be put to use protecting you against accidents that my affect employees, pedestrians, or passers-by. Examples include:

Do Not Load Over Top of Container
Maximum Loading Level
Stand Clear When Container is Being Lifted
Watch Overhead Lines
Do Not Enter
Hazardous Waste
Toxic Waste
Keep Clear of Tailgate at All Times
Stop Engine and Remove Ignition Key Before Entering
Truck Backs Up Without Warning
This Compactor Starts Automatically
Do Not Operate Compactor While Feeding Material
Do Not Operate Without Guards in Place
This Equipment Will Maim or Kill

Waste management stickers not only protect you from lawsuits, they could save the life of someone who doesn't realize the hazardous nature of the contents or the danger of the equipment.


If you have a dumpster in a parking lot, on a job site, or in any public area, there are waste management stickers that will ensure that it gets emptied on schedule. It can be frustrating – and expensive – when your local waste removal company comes to empty your bin only to find vehicles parked in front of it or blocking it in. Since they're on a time schedule, even if you manage to convince them to return and haul away your waste, there's no guarantee that the vehicles will be gone. If you have waste management or recycling decals properly displayed in a visible location, you are lawfully authorized to have the offending vehicles towed away.

A few of the most common waste management and recycling decals that you can find at include:
No Parking-Violators will be Towed at Owner's Expense
Private Dumpster-Not for Public Use
Private Use Only-Violators will be Prosecuted
Private Container-No Outside Dumping
Warning No Garbage
Do Not Block Container
Do Not Park-Tow Away Zone
Do Not Park in Front of this Container
No Dumping-$500 Fine

Any and all of these custom decals can save you from the unnecessary hassle and expense of un-retrieved waste due to blocking vehicles.


Many of our customers enjoy the ironic or silly application of waste labels in unexpected locations. While the professional use of waste labels is never a joke, using labels in private areas or in the home as witty rejoinders can bring a smile to the faces of friends and family.

A Danger: Toxic Waste decal over the refrigerator is sure to get a chuckle from hungry family members, and affixing a No Parking decal over the couch might leave guests wondering where to sit. Perhaps a Contents May Be Flammable or Do Not Load Over Top of Container would be a hit in the bathroom.

The number of ways you can use our custom decals to gather laughs are limited only by your imagination. Please remember, however, that such usages should be limited to private areas or domiciles – placing improper warning labels in public areas is never a good idea!

Customize It

Have a whole fleet of waste containers or vehicles? Why not have customized waste management stickers made? can design and create your decals to read or show whatever you need. We offer decals in various sizes, from 12x18 up to 18x26. You message will be screen printed onto superior quality white vinyl that is guaranteed to stand up against harsh environments or elements. To place a bulk order or if you have questions, you can contact us at or call us directly at 800-331-9061.

If you simply want to get a better idea of the extensive collection of waste management stickers that we have available, feel free to browse our inventory on this website. A simple sticker can be a powerful tool that will protect you, your business, and your community for years to come.

A Message from the President

Hi, I’m Greg Shuda, and I started to help everyone out there who needs quick and convenient access to warning and waste labels.  If you can’t find a decal that meets your needs, I want to hear about! Please feel free to email me directly at, tell me what you’re looking for, and I will have a suitable product designed, drafted, printed, and available for purchase within two days.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable.


Greg Shuda

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