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​Fun Household Uses For Our Caution Stickers and Notice Decals

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As we noted in our article about “Fun Stickers For Your Man Cave’s Bathroom,” you should never put legitimate stickers up in an industrial warehouse, or even around the office, for comedic effect. Sure, you might see a mock sticker such as “Danger: Men Cooking” in someone’s cubicle, but you shouldn’t but putting up an actual “Flammable Gas” sticker above the bathroom no matter how funny it is. After all, you don’t want to make any inspectors who might be stopping by wonder why there’s such a warning in an office setting.

But...if you’re here picking something up for work and want to put some of these signs up around the house, then more power too you. (Yes, you can even use the flammable gas sticker.) Here are some fun household safety decals you can have fun with.


Slap it on someone’s forehead head after they make some boneheaded statement about how good that last Nicholas Sparks movie was. It wasn’t. (Careful, though, because our stickers are meant to stick...that means you could be causing them to lose some hair when it's removed. Of course, then you can make Patrick Stewart jokes.)

Maximum Load Level

Why not have a few of these maximum load level stickers around to make the point to everyone in the house very clear: do not overfill! The most common household use for this is for trash cans, because far too many kids will toss something into the trash only to have it fall out seconds later because they didn’t push it down. It’s also a great option for laundry baskets. (We’ve got it in Spanish, too.)

Do Not Fill Above Top of Container

Boy, we thought that the maximum load level sticker was appropriate for home trash cans, but this one is even better! The “$750 fine” and “violators will be prosecuted” verbiage just makes this one the absolute best for a trash can that you don’t want getting overfilled.

Do Not Play In…

Put this on you kid’s playset out back and see how they react. Then leave it on there to confuse anyone you have over for a barbeque.

Caution: Hot Surface

Okay, this is a good one for someone you’re involved with when you want them to know just how attractive they are to you. Just make sure not to apply this directly to their clothing, because there’s a good chance you could ruin it (ruin the clothing, not the sticker...the sticker only costs $.47!) Maybe stick a piece of scotch tape to it before affixing it to your favorite part of their body.

Door Must Be Closed

Sometimes there’s a room in the house that you just don’t want to heat. Maybe it’s the guest room that you never use in winter, and keeping it closed off and unheated will actually save you money on your heating bill. That’s where this sticker comes in, reminding people to keep that door closed!

Danger: Confined Space

Feeling a little hemmed in by your studio apartment? Is your bedroom a little smaller than you’d like it to be? Here’s the sticker you’re looking for.

Caution: Hearing Protection Required

Listen, hearing loss is a serious problem. WE SAID “LISTEN, HEARING LOSS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!”

When you have a home theater, it’s important that you don’t keep it up so loud that you suffer damage to your hearing. But if you’ve spent a lot of money on your home theater, you want to let people know that they’re getting a quality experience. While they might not actually need hearing protection when watching a movie, this sticker will let them know they’re in for a rocking experience.

Fire Port

Have a collection of hot sauces that you like to bring out when friends come over? This Fire Port sticker is an excellent option to warn people about the heat they’ll be experiencing on their food.

Caution: Wide Turns

Oh boy, this one could get you into a lot of trouble with the wrong person. You have to know a person very well, and know that they’re comfortable about their weight, before you apply one of these stickers to their bluejeans.

You know what, we take this one back. Don’t risk it!

Caution: Do Not Push

Hey, why not put this on baby stroller? Like the “Do Not Play In” sticker we mentioned up above, it’s just a fun “opposite” sticker that will confuse other people at the park.

Industrial stickers can be fun, but make sure that you’re using them in the right place. As long as they’re inside your home, there shouldn’t be any problems. Of course, it’s important to remember that we offer only top-of-the-line recycling labels and caution decals, and they’re meant to stick where you put them. The high-quality adhesive will stick to whatever you put it on, so make sure you don’t mind it being there right-next-to-forever once you place it. (For temporary fun, just put some double-sided tape on the back without removing the sticker’s backing.) Have fun!

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