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​Welcome To WasteStickers.com!

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We’d like to thank you for stopping by WasteStickers.com. For nearly a decade we’ve been providing the best in industrial stickers across the web, keeping people safe and informed about the dangers at hand and protocols to be followed.

We got into the business because there wasn’t a one-stop location for those who are tasked with keeping warning stickers up to date. Before us, they might have had to go to one site to get their recycling and waste stickers, while heading somewhere else to find truck stickers and caution decals for the box compactor. That’s why we started up, providing the highest-quality stickers available (including custom-made decals, if you need something special).

We might be called WasteStickers.com, but we handle many different types of industrial stickers that you might need around your business. Let’s take a look at how we can make your property a better, and safer, place.

Safety Stickers

Is there any sticker that’s more important than a safety sticker? Probably not. Safety stickers, danger decals, and caution stickers all make your business or vehicles a safer place to work.

While we’ll use future blogs to go over the reasons safety stickers are so important in more detail, it’s important to remember that safety stickers can protect employees, keep insurance premiums down, and keep you in compliance with laws requiring such decals.

Loading Level

Unfortunately, loading level stickers are one that far too many people will ignore...that’s why you need lots of them to let them know you’re serious!

Employees will have to be reminded that load levels aren’t just a suggestion. Containers that are overloaded might not be allowed on the road, and it could cause additional charges against your company if the hauling company won’t take the containers away.

We also have a great selection of stickers that remind employees to load containers evenly in order to alleviate tipping concerns.

Truck Decals

Truck decals, whether they go inside a truck to remind the driver or outside the truck to give information to the public, are another important type of sticker that we provide here at WasteStickers.com. You can remind your employees that cell phones are not allowed in the cab, the maximum speed limits of a particular vehicle, or alert those who are driving nearby just how wide a right turn the truck makes. And while some of the stickers are safety stickers, still others remind drivers to simply keep the interior of the cab clean!

Waste Stickers

Ah, there’s the sticker that’s in our company name. Whether you’re looking for garbage truck decals or the best way to let those around the office know which is trash and which is recycling, we have the stickers you’re looking for. These stickers can let employees know which container is trash and what types of materials are allowed in those containers.

Recycling Stickers

Recycling decals can be as simple as a sticker that goes on the small paper recycling pin. They can also be exterior stickers that stay on huge dumpsters that are holding scrap steel that will eventually make you money! In neither of those containers do you want someone to toss their half-full soda cup, so make sure you have enough stickers on every side of the container so that you so that trash and recycling are obviously differentiated.

As you can see, we run the gamut when it comes to safety stickers and other types of notices. Stop back by soon to read more in depth articles about each of these. Until then, find that perfect sticker for your business here.

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