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​Warning Stickers For You Man Cave’s Bathroom

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You know, we enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone, and we know full well that putting particular stickers around the home will get people chuckling. That’s what this blog is all about: the type of waste stickers and danger stickers that will get your friends laughing when they use your man cave’s bathroom.

Now please remember, we’re talking about putting these stickers around the home. At no time should you put these stickers around places of business or in a warehouse, even if they would be hilarious. The workplace should be limited to appropriate stickers that are detailing actual dangers and reminders.

Now that we have the warning about warning labels out of the way, let’s take a look at what you can put up around your bathroom for humorous decoration.

Private Use Only

Put this Private Use Only sticker under the lid of the toilet, and when a guest uses it they’re definitely going to do a double take!

Not For Public Use

“But you just told me where the bathroom was!”

No Dirt, No Concrete

Just in case someone was wondering where to put their concrete, the toilet isn’t the place.

Flammable Gas

Yea, this is getting too easy.

No Dumping

Seriously, what are we, 12 years old or something? (Still, this is an awesome toilet sticker.) This one even warns them that they’ll be prosecuted if they do so.)

Pull Lid ½ Way Out

Does it make sense? Just barely! But that’s the fun of it, because it makes for a confusing message to your friends. (Now that we think about it, do you really want to confuse people when they’re in the bathroom?)

Notice: Employee Entrance Only

We think we saw this form of travel in a Harry Potter movie once. (Spoiler alert: this notice sticker goes over the toilet.)

Residual Waste

We have to admit, we’re kind of not sure why this is funny. But we’re pretty sure it is.

Keep Door Between You and The Load

Finally, a sticker that doesn’t go on the toilet. This one goes on the outside of the bathroom door.

Washout Only

One for the bathroom sink.

Do Not Use For...

This “Do not use for disposal of scrap metal, wood, or hot ashes” sticker would go great in...yeah, it’s for right over the toilet again. Some day we’ll grow up…

Do Not Push Or Pull

This long, thin sticker certainly seems like it would work well on a plunger to confuse anyone who violates the rules of the next sticker.

Maximum Load Level

Do yourself a favor and put this as low as possible on your toilet. You don’t want to put it at the top and have someone take it as a challenge.

Fine, sometimes we’re a bit juvenile. But when you make danger stickers all day long warning people that they could lose an arm or die in a fiery explosion, sometimes you gotta have some fun! Click those links above to have some good fun in your man cave’s bathroom.

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