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​How Proper Waste and Recycling Stickers Can Save (or even make) You Money

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With so many of our product being warning and danger stickers, we’re happy to say that not everything we sell deals in life and death situations! But every sticker we sell is useful, and in this case we’re going to talk about how having the right recycling stickers can save you money. In fact, it could even make you money. How? Keep reading!

Recyclables Can Be Valuable

Not every recyclable is all that valuable. Paper doesn’t command a very high price, and neither does glass. Some recyclables such as CFL light bulbs and freon can actually cost a business money to recycle. But some recyclables are certainly valuable enough to recycle. Take aluminum, for instance; it’s one of the easiest materials in the world to recycle. And while it’s lightweight, you’d be surprised as how quickly you can get a load of it that’s worth recycling. We carry stickers for aluminum, mixed scrap metal, brass, copper, tin cans, and more. Visit this page to find the stickers than can make you money if your employees follow the sorting rules.

Paying Per Rolloff

So with paper and plastics not actually making you money, why recycle them at all? So you don’t have to pay to have them recycled. If you have large bins that you have to pay to have taken away every time they’re filled up, the less you have in them the better. While a single sheet of paper isn’t going to cause it to top off anytime soon, those plastic bottles (which, when uncollapsed, are 90% air) will cause you to have to call and have it rolled off more often...which costs you money. Recycle everything you can and you won’t be paying nearly as much for trash haul away.

Paying By The Pound

We don’t know where you are in the country, but there are some trash programs where you’re charged by the pound instead of by volume. If that’s the case, you’ll certainly want to get those heavy scrap metals out of the trash and into the recycling container. Not only are you saving money, but, as we detailed above, you’ll be making money.

This is also a time when you’ll want to make sure that you’re participating in any free recycling as well. If people pay attention to the paper recycling sticker, you’ll be saving a lot of weight. We all know that a single sheet of paper weighs nothing, but if you’ve ever lifted a ream of paper you know that those 500 sheets at up very quickly.

Avoid the Inspector

Sometimes you can get into trouble by putting the wrong items in a trash container. Maybe it ticks off the hauling company, or maybe OSHA stops by. That’s why you want to be sure to have some sticker detailing what kind of waste isn’t accepted, whether it’s batteries, tires, oils, or electronics.

Recycling is of company-wide importance, and as long as employees are informed as to why they should take part, they shouldn’t mind taking a bit more time recycle.

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