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Vehicle Height Stickers

Have you ever been driving behind a truck and wondered why they always have Vehicle height stickers? Well, those helpful decals are not only for the driver but for you as well. If you see an overpass quickly approaching on the highway and a careless driver ready to cruise on through when they clearly shouldn't, you might want to get out of the way!

Avoid Accidents

Keep in mind that many drivers get behind the wheel of several different vehicles on a weekly basis. Asking them to always be aware of the height of the vehicle is just not a reasonable request. Vehicle height stickers can quickly provide the driver with the information needed so they know if their truck can fit under the overhead at the gas pump, under wires or through a parking garage. Without Vehicle height stickers, drivers would have to eyeball the distance which is never a good idea.


There are some points along highways where trucks need to pull through for an inspection including being weighed and reviewed where their height is concerned. In many places, Vehicle height stickers are mandatory and incredibly important because the police or other personnel will know if the truck will safely fit under the lowest point of all bridges or overpasses along their stretch of highway. This will ultimately save a lot of lives.

Types of Vehicle Height Stickers

• Exact Height Stickers – These are probably some of the most common Vehicle height stickers you're familiar with. These are typically yellow and black with the word CAUTION on top and then they clearly state the exact vehicle height in feet and inches such as 13 feet 6”.

• Varied Height Stickers – There are some Vehicle height stickers that don't say an exact height but rather simply state that the height may vary. This is because those that carry exceptionally heavy cargo may show quite a large variation when they are full compared to when they are running empty.

• Other Related Stickers – Other stickers that are often grouped in the category of Vehicle height stickers include those that tell others that the truck may make stops, back up or take wide right turns. These allow drivers and pedestrians behind the vehicle to be cautious of movement.

Where to Buy Vehicle Height Stickers

If you are looking for Vehicle height stickers that are durable yet moderately priced, is the place to go. They have basic ones starting and only $0.38 and they carry a full line of reflective decals as well. Their Vehicle height stickers are designed to take the abuse of the road and weather, screen printed on incredibly rigid vinyl. You don't have to worry about them falling off either because their strong adhesive backing sticks on a range of materials, both smooth and textured.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for at No problem! They'll custom make you the exact Vehicle height stickers that you need. Feel free to contact them with any questions at or call them toll free at 800-331-9061. They guarantee their Vehicle height stickers to last for years!

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